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It is not an understatement to say that we have become completely dependent on our smartphones. We take them wherever we go and the momentary wave of panic at having left it somewhere or lost is universal. Cell phones are our BFF technology, but this friendship is as strong as our wireless network. The quality of the cellular network depends entirely on where you are at any given time. The signal strength varies so geographically that the service may even differ from room to room in the same building.

As an installer, a site survey is an essential tool to help you and your customers save time and resources. In addition to providing a clear location design, a site survey can identify where weak signal areas exist. This will allow you to educate your customers on where and why your service is lacking and provide additional information to support your plans to address these issues as you implement your cellular signal enhancement solution.
We discussed the surveys on the site, why they are important and how to carry them out successfully.

What is a site survey?
An inspection is the evaluation that must be performed before installing a cellular signal repeater. During the survey, testers identify the strongest cellular signal, allowing providers to determine where to install the amplifier. During the site survey, you can assess the amount of cable required and what dividers, filters, or other accessories are required.
An on-site survey can demonstrate existing signal coverage for your customers and draw attention to problem areas. This can help stimulate conversation about product options and installation solutions and offer sales conversion opportunities.

Signal and signal strength meters

Some may argue that an inspection is not necessary, given the ability to use the phone in test mode to verify cellular signal strength. However, this test method is much less than an on-site survey because the results will not be as accurate for a broader position as they would be with a survey.
For the most accurate reading possible, conduct an on-site survey using a signal meter, which detects and displays the frequency, bandwidth, and signal strength, updating in real time to avoid inaccuracies. Signal meters are independent of the vector and therefore can detect the frequency and compatibility of the signal with any vector. This is particularly important in a commercial context, where users will subscribe to a variety of networks.